SEM and AVS VORTEX®Water Activators

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The SEM and AVS VORTEX water activator, developed by SAISEIKO, is a patented Japanese technology that integrates ceramic balls and a specialized stainless steel pipe with an embedded spiral triple helix. This unique system effectively breaks down water into activated microclusters of water molecules. These microclusters are easily absorbed by living tissues, promoting enhanced hydration and oxygenation.

This technology is applied in various sectors including drinking water systems for humans and animals, agricultural irrigation, and water treatment units. Its ability to optimize the water molecular structure contributes to improved efficiency and effectiveness across these applications.





When water passes through the AVS VORTEX, equipped with an embedded triple spiral helix, it accelerates the breakdown of water molecules into finer structures. This process also activates the water, enriching it with increased levels of dissolved oxygen.


The enhanced properties of the water treated by the VORTEX make it applicable across various domains:

  • Effluent Waste Management: In waste management, the VORTEX aids in breaking down effluent water molecules more efficiently, facilitating the biodegradation of contaminants and accelerating natural remediation processes.
  • Human Health: The activated water supports hydration and detoxification processes within the body, promoting overall health and well-being.
  • Agricultural and Animal Production: By improving water quality and structure, the VORTEX enhances nutrient absorption and hydration in plants and animals, thereby supporting growth and productivity.
  • Industrial Processes: The VORTEX technology prevents scale buildup and enhances water quality in industrial applications, improving operational efficiency and equipment longevity.

This advanced technology underscores its versatility in enhancing water quality and performance across diverse sectors, promoting sustainability and efficiency in resource management.

The SEM water activator harnesses the synergy of ceramic balls and the AVS VORTEX to enhance water activation significantly. This enhanced activation positively impacts human health, crop yields, and animal production, while also promoting efficient water utilization.


In Human Health, consuming water passed through the SEM water activator enhances cellular hydration and facilitates improved detoxification processes, promoting overall health. It also mitigates the adverse effects of chlorine and eliminates harmful microbes, ensuring cleaner and safer drinking water.

In Agriculture, the AVS VORTEX breaks down water molecules into smaller, finer structures, facilitating enhanced water uptake by plants. This process fosters robust crop growth and can reduce irrigation water needs by up to 30% due to improved hydration efficiency.

In Animal Production, the SEM water activator improves cellular hydration, contributing to better animal health by reducing pathogens and promoting a healthier environment. This helps decrease disease incidences and enhances overall livestock well-being.

In Effluent Waste Management, the AVS VORTEX accelerates the breakdown of effluent water molecules, aiding microbes in biodegrading contaminants more effectively. This natural bioremediation process reduces pollution and enhances environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, the AVS VORTEX eliminates the need for energy-intensive surface aerators in waste treatment processes. By increasing dissolved oxygen levels and breaking down contaminants, it improves efficiency and reduces operational costs. Made from food-grade stainless steel, the AVS VORTEX also minimizes corrosion, prolonging the lifespan of pipes and equipment.

In Industrial Processes, the AVS VORTEX enhances boiler efficiency by eliminating pitting and lime scale deposits in pipes, thus reducing energy consumption during boiling. It also improves the quality of process water, contributing to higher standards in food and beverage production.

These capabilities highlight the AVS VORTEX as a superior choice in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and cost savings across various applications, from agriculture and animal husbandry to industrial and environmental sectors.

SEM VORTEX Installation for Agricultural Production

SEM VORTEX installation 

Healthier and larger crop

AVS VORTEX wand installation in a greenhouse for tomatoes that also uses our YAD BIO-VITALIZER

Installation of the AVS VORTEX wand in a French beans farm

Water treated resulting to large healthier crop

Crop receives treated water from the SEM VORTEX hence it’s larger than one the left, as it receives untreated water

YAD BIO-VITALIZER application in between the rows of tomatoes in a greenhouse


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