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Introducing ECoH WT®, a concentrated liquid formulation of natural beneficial microbes that effectively breaks down organic matter through a fermentative process. This enzymatic breakdown yields essential substances such as organic acids, chelated minerals, and antioxidants, initiating a healing process in our Environment.

ECoH WT® is instrumental in remedying both solid and liquid waste management challenges, transforming them into recyclable and reusable forms. By reducing contaminants and pollution loads (BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, fats, etc.), it significantly mitigates Environmental pollution and its detrimental effects. This includes a substantial reduction in Methane gas emissions from decomposing organic matter, thereby contributing positively to ozone layer protection.

Versatile in application, ECoH WT® serves in both industrial and domestic settings, providing effective environmental remediation solutions that promote sustainability and reduce ecological footprint.

Industrial application, ECoH WT

Industrial Application

ECoH WT helps to reduce foul smell and the effluent discharge parameters (BOD, COD, pH, TDS, TSS, etc.) so as to achieve the stringent minimum allowable and acceptable limits of discharge to an aquatic environment.

ECOH WT domestic application

Domestic Application

ECOH WT is applied in pit latrines and septic tanks to eliminate the foul smell and enhance the bio-degradation of the sludge, making both more efficient and useable.

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