ECoH Agriculture

We are dedicated to advancing agricultural practices that prioritize Sustainability, Productivity, while incorporating Environmental Health and Stewardship. Through continuous innovation and responsible stewardship, we empower farmers to cultivate healthy, nutrient-rich crops while preserving our natural resources for future generations.

Here’s how we make an impact: 

YAD Bio-Vitalizer offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for enhancing food production by:

Focusing on enhancing soil quality to maximize crop productivity

Promoting the recycling of crop residues through composting and the use of animal manure to enrich soil properties and enhance agricultural productivity.

Utilizing YAD Bio-Vitalizer during crop planting and applying ECoH BALANCE as a top-dressing foliar feed.

Integrating the SEM water activator to enhance water activation, improve water molecule breakdown, and increase water uptake. This process enhances hydration, promotes crop health and productivity, and reduces irrigation water usage by up to 30%.

YAD BIO-VITALIZER’s impact on tangerines where there is robust growth

YAD BIO-VITALIZER’s impact on mangoes product, where you get 6 fruits hanging on one flower stock

YAD BIO-VITALIZER’s impact on pawpaw production

YAD BIO-VITALIZER’s impact on Apples production in semi-arid areas

YAD BIO-VITALIZER’s impact on French beans production


Makueni farmer holding huge oranges grown using YAD BIO-VITALIZER

YAD BIO-VITALIZER’s impact on oranges production where the oranges are much bigger (on the left) than those bought from the local market (on the right), while the bic pen in between shows you it’s size in relation to the oranges. One orange weighs 755gms while that bought from the market weighs half the weigh, 355gm only.


The two weighed fruit when cut open

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