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Enhanced Life through Healthy Environment!

What We Do…

ECoH Environment

We provide a microbial based product the helps biodegrade organic wastes both‎ liquid and solid.

ECoH Agriculture

We strive to provide a suitable sustainable healthy option in food production through use of YAD bio-vitalizer.

ECoH Human Health

Ecoh provides ‎and promotes the use of moringa leaf powder to enhance and help meet our daily nutritional requirements.

ECoH Animal Health

Just as moringa increases our bodies wellness, so does it help to improve animal health and increase their production.

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We’ve Been Transforming Lives For 18 Years!

ECoH Holdings LTD was officially registered and incorporated in 2006; however, research on ECoH products had commenced well before that time.

Our vision and mission are focused on developing high-quality organic products and solutions aimed at enhancing human life through healing, restoring, and revitalizing the environment.

ECoH develops and produces versatile solutions that mitigate challenges in Agricultural production, Environmental Conservation, and Human Health.

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Some of Our Products

Turning Garbage into Treasure

YAD Bio-Vitalizer is an organic fertilizer that improves the rejuvenation of soils to enhance crop production. It is a product of ECoH Holdings Limited, a company focused on developing quality products that work towards enhancing human life through healing, restoration as well as revitalization of the environment.

VITO Oil Filter System

VITO oil filter systems save up to 50% costs simply by cleaning the frying oil, shortening or any other frying medium. VITO needs no supervision and offers the highest work safety due to no contact with the hot frying medium.

24HR Composting Machines

The 24Hr Composting Machine is the solution to Municipal Solid Waste Management, for solid food waste management for both residential and commercial establishments, for the management of agricultural waste at food markets, farms and animal waste, enabling the management of waste at points of generation.

24HR Composting Machines

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