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ECoH Holdings Ltd has innovated a range of products designed to address industry challenges in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. These products are dedicated to promoting the healing and restoration of health across people, animals, plants, and depleted soils.

Below each product is enumerated.

Products Range

ECoH WT®  is a liquid concentrate of natural beneficial microbes that break down organic matter and secrete beneficial substances such as organic acids, chelated minerals, and antioxidants through a fermentative process. This dual action not only initiates environmental healing but also reduces contaminants and pollution loads (BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, fats, etc.).

ECoH Balance
ECoH-Balance® is an innovative organic foliar feed developed using advanced biotechnological techniques to meet the nutritional needs for crop production. It features an exclusive and well-balanced blend of natural nutrients, that include both macro and micro elements (C, NPK, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, B), combined with plant growth regulators.

ECoH-Balance® acts as a catalytic systematic nutritive agent that initiates multiple chain reactions within plants, that actively promote and support robust crop growth and optimize crop production. Its comprehensive nutrient profile not only supports robust agricultural yields but also reduces dependency on synthetic fertilizers, promoting sustainable farming practices.

 YAD® is an organic soil revitalizer designed to rejuvenate soils and boost crop production while providing essential crop fertilization. It is an ecologically and hygienically sound bio-fertilizer produced using advanced biotechnology, harnessing organic substances from kitchen food waste and agricultural farm waste. It enhances natural plant immunity, promotes growth, and increases productivity.

YAD® effectively mitigates soil infertility, acidity, leaching, and the release of locked-up soil nutrients, thereby fostering sustainable agricultural production and ensuring food security.

SABAT®: Moringa Oliefera:
 ECoH Holdings LTD produces and markets Moringa leaf powder under the brand name SABAT®. Moringa Oleifera, a natural plant rich in essential nutrients, that is consumed to bolster natural immunity and overall health.

Available in dried leaf powder, mature seeds, or oil forms. Regular consumption of Moringa Oleifera supports overall wellness.


The SEM/AVS VORTEX is a patented Japanese water technology featuring a special stainless steel pipe with an embedded spiral triple helix. This innovative design enhances the breakdown of water molecules into finer particles, making it versatile across various applications.

In Human Health, consuming water processed by the SEM/ AVS VORTEX improves hydration by facilitating better water retention in cells, promoting detoxification, and reducing the adverse effects of chlorine and harmful microbes.

In Agriculture, the technology enhances water uptake by plants and promotes crop growth, potentially reducing irrigation water needs by up to 30%.

In Animal Production, improved hydration supports better health outcomes for animals.

For Effluent Waste Management, the technology accelerates the biodegradation of contaminants in wastewater, enhancing natural remediation processes.

In Industrial Processes, the VORTEX prevents pitting and limescale deposits in boilers and pipes, improving efficiency, extending pipe lifespan, and reducing maintenance costs.

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