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By embracing a Comprehensive Waste Management approach through advanced Biodegradation solutions, ECoH WT excels in the biodegradation of both liquid and solid organic wastes, making it an essential tool for industries, agricultural operations, and animal production facilities, by way of harnessing the power of beneficial microbes, as it accelerates the natural decomposition process.

It’s a microbial-based product designed to efficiently biodegrade both liquid and solid organic wastes.

For, industrial waste management, it enhances effluent recycling for agricultural production, making it reusable while for animal production, it effectively reduces foul odors from decomposing organic matter.

In conjunction with the AVS VORTEX, the VORTEX COMBO it enhances the bio-mechanical effect to improve effluent remediation, thereby reducing pollution loads (BOD, COD, TSS, pH, TDS, etc.) to meet stringent discharge parameters for aquatic environments.

Redesigning of Cikar’s Palm Oil extraction factory’s effluent system to ensure no negative impact to the environment and recirculation of the effluent.



In addition we offer tailored consultation services for managing waste streams, whether solid or liquid. Contact us for a comprehensive waste management solution customized to meet the specific needs of your operations

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