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ECois an acronym that stands for Environmental Conservation and Health.



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Enhancing life

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Enhanced Life through Healthy Environment

About EcoH Holdings Limited

Established in 2006, ECoH Holdings Ltd embarked on its mission long before its official inception, driven by the principles of Environmental Conservation and Health (ECoH). Our commitment lies in creating high-quality organic products that not only contribute to Environmental restoration but also profoundly impact Human Health.

Our versatile product range addresses critical challenges in Agriculture, Environmental stewardship, and Human Health.

Our mission: to craft superior organic products that heal, restore, and revitalize both people and the environment, where we: 

  • Mitigate Environmental pollution stemming from organic matter decomposition, which generates Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) detrimental to Climate and Health.
  • Advocate for organic products to enhance Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), bolstering resilience in smallholder communities and promoting sustainable farming practices.
  • Innovate by recycling organic waste into reusable resources, fostering economic growth and ensuring safer, more abundant Food Production within a Circular Green Economy.
  • Through rigorous Research, provide evidence-based solutions that promote Human Health, improve quality of Life, and create a safer Environment for generations to come.

Our vision is to lead the way in developing organic solutions that heal, regenerate, and rejuvenate, ensuring a healthier future for all.

At ECoH Holdings Ltd, we are not just pioneering Environmental solutions; we are crafting a healthier world, one organic innovation at a time.

Only the Best


ECoH Environment

We provide a microbial based product the helps biodegrade organic wastes both‎ liquid and solid.


ECoH Agriculture

We strive to provide a suitable sustainable healthy option in food production through use of YAD bio-vitalizer.


ECoH Human Health

Ecoh provides ‎and promotes the use of moringa leaf powder to enhance and help meet our daily nutritional requirements


ECoH Animal Health

Just as moringa increases our bodies wellness, so does it help to improve animal health and increase their production.

EcoH Holdings origanic waste treatment

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