The Portable Membrane Biogas Plant (PMBP), is a transformative solution for managing both domestic and industrial organic waste. These units efficiently convert organic waste into biogas, a renewable energy source primarily composed of Methane and Carbon Dioxide. By capturing Methane through anaerobic digestion, the PMBP significantly reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The biogas serves multiple purposes, for it provides affordable cooking fuel, reduces dependence on firewood and charcoal and thereby preserving forests. Moreover, the biogas can be utilized as green energy to power appliances and machinery, promoting sustainable practices across various sectors.

In essence, our PMBP not only addresses the waste management challenge but also contributes to Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Energy use, making it a vital tool in today’s quest for eco-friendly solutions.

Portable Membrane Biogas Plant Brochure

The digester is consist of a greenhouse made from tinted sheet, metal support frame, membrane digester and gas storage compartment, stainless steel inlet and outlet, bio-gas filter and pump.

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Our Portable Membrane Biogas Plant (PMBP), is a cutting-edge Methane digester designed for small and large-scale waste management processes without the need for extensive ground level excavation or construction. This surface-mount unit boasts a streamlined assembly process, typically requiring just 48 hours with a trained installation team for its assembly. 

The PMBP includes a robust structure comprising a tinted sheet greenhouse, a sturdy metal support frame, a membrane digester, and a gas storage compartment. It also incorporates stainless steel inlets and outlets, a bio-gas filter, and a pump for optimal functionality.

Benefits and Impact:

  1. Mitigation of Methane Emissions: By capturing Methane produced during the anaerobic digestion process, the PMBP significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Methane is a potent contributor to Climate Change, and converting it into biogas for energy use mitigates its environmental impact.
  2. Environmental Pollution Control: The PMBP plays a crucial role in waste management by converting organic waste into biogas. This process not only minimizes waste accumulation but also prevents the release of harmful pollutants into the environment, thereby improving air and water quality.
  3. Biogas Production for Energy: Organic waste processed in the PMBP is converted into biogas, a renewable energy source composed mainly of Methane and Carbon Dioxide. This biogas can be used for cooking, heating, electricity generation, or even as a vehicle fuel, providing a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.
  4. Enhanced Agricultural Benefits: The residual digestate from the PMBP serves as a nutrient-rich biofertilizer. When applied to agricultural fields, it improves soil fertility, enhances crop yields, and reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers. This closed-loop system supports sustainable agriculture practices and promotes soil health.
  5. Compact and Efficient Design: Designed for ease of installation and operation, the PMBP’s compact footprint makes it suitable for diverse settings, including agricultural farms, food processing facilities, and municipal waste treatment plants. Its efficient operation ensures maximum biogas production with minimal maintenance requirements.

Our Portable Membrane Biogas Plant represents our commitment to innovative solutions that address environmental challenges while promoting sustainable development. By harnessing the power of anaerobic digestion, we empower communities and industries to manage organic waste responsibly, reduce carbon footprints, and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

Portable Membrane Biogas Plant Specification 

PMBP-1 PMBP-3 PMBP-15 PMBP-66 PMBP-260 PMBP-1380
 PMBP-1 PMBP-3 PMBP-15 PMBP-66 PMBP-260 PMBP-1380
Build Up Area 1.18M³ 3.4M³ 15M³ 66M³ 260M³ 1380M³
Dimension (Meter) 1.2(L)0.8(W)1.23(H) Rectangular 1.56(L)1.2(W)1.95(H) Rectangular 2.9(D)2.5(H) Cylindrical



8(D)5.72(H) Cylindrical 16(D)7.46(H) Cylindrical
Water Level (Meter) 0.5 1.1 1.25 2 4 4
Digester Capacity (M³) 0.5 1.7 8.3 54.38 200 800
Gas Storage (M³) 0.5 1.3 6.2 6.2 50 400
Gas Produce (M³/day) 0.5 2 8 33.21 200 800
Land Space (M²) 0.96 1.87 6.63 8.4 64 200.96
Concrete Flooring (M²) 0.96 1.87 6.63 8.4 64 200.96

Shipping Volume (M³)                                                                              0.3                                       0.5                                         3                                         4.5                                         8 30

Waste Treat Per Day

Food Waste (kg) 6.25 25 100 625 2500 10000
Cow Manure (kg) 15 60 240 1500 6000 24000
Chicken Manure (kg) 6.5 26 104 650 2600 10400
Human Manure (kg) 8 32 128 800 3200 12800
Vegetable (kg) 16.25 65 260 1625 6500 26000
Electric Generated (Kwh) 0.75 3 12 75 300 1200
Operating Team 2 persons 2 persons 2 persons 2 persons 2 persons 2 persons
Addition Equipment (Optional) Electric Generator 1KVA Electric Generator 1KVA Electric Generator 3KVA Electric Generator 5KVA Electric Generator 8KVA Electric Generator 11KVA
Desurfurization Device Desurfurization Device Desurfurization Device Desurfurization Device Desurfurization Device Desurfurization Device
Gas Pump Gas Pump Gas Pump Gas Pump Gas Pump Gas Pump

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