ECoH Holdings LTD produces and commercializes the consumption of Moringa leaf powder under the brand name SABAT®. Moringa Oliefera is a natural plant consumed to provide the much needed body nutrients that enhance natural immunity, health and wellness. Moringa Oliefera is consumed either through the dried leaf powder, freshly picked leaves, mature seeds or oil extracted from the dried seeds.

For breastfeeding mothers, consumption of SABAT® increases milk production. It also enhances the availability of Calcium to the mother for both the formation of bones and increased milk production.

For people with challenges of High Blood pressure, SABAT® enhances the reduction of the blood pressure without dependence of medication as it has sufficient amounts of Potassium necessary to regulate the blood sugar.

SABAT® also helps is reducing cholesterol levels in our blood which also goes a long way in reducing the high blood pressure in our body.

Consistent consumption of SABAT® (Moringa Oliefera) enhances our general health and wellness.