ECoH HOLDINGS ltd has developed various products that mitigate various challenges faced by the industry in a sustainable and environmental friendly way. The products are geared towards healing and restoration of the health of people, animals, plants and dead soils.

Below each product is enumerated.

Products Range

ECoH WT®  is liquid concentrate of natural beneficial microbes that breakdown organic matter secreting beneficial substances such as organic acids, chelated minerals and antioxidants through fermentative process. This process initiates the healing process in our environment, through reduction of contaminants and pollution loads (BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, fats, etc.)

YAD® is an organic soil revitalizer that enhances the rejuvenation of our soils to enhance crop production, while still fertilizing the crops. YAD® is an ecologically and hygienically sound bio-fertilizer which is processed using advanced biotechnology utilizing organic   substances from kitchen food waste and agricultural farm waste, so as to enhance the natural plant immunity, growth and productivity. It is helps mitigate against soil infertility, acidity, leaching and release of locked up soil nutrients, leading to sustainable agricultural production and food security.
ECoH-Balance® is unique organic foliar feed developed using advanced bio-technological techniques that meet the needs of the 21st century farmer. ECoH-Balance® consists of an  exclusive and well balanced blend of natural nutrients of both macro and micro elements (C, NPK, Mg, S, Fe, Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, B) couple with plants growth regulators. ECoH-Balance® is a catalytic systematic nutritive agent that triggers a multi-fold of chain reactions in plants that support crop growth and production. It goes a long way in helping reduce dependence on synthetic fertilizers.
SABAT®: Moringa Oliefera:
ECoH Holdings LTD produces and commercializes the consumption of Moringa leaf powder under the brand name SABAT®. Moringa Oliefera is a natural plant that is consumed to provide the much need body nutrients that enhance natural immunity and health. Moringa Oliefera is consumed either through the dried leaf powder, mature seeds or oil. Consistent consumption of Moringa Oliefera enhances wellness.
The SEM/VORTEX is a patented Japanese water technology that incorporates the use of a special stainless steel pipe that has an embedded spiral triple helix. The VORTEX enhances the breakdown of water molecules is much finer molecules. This effect enables the VORTEX to find application in human health, both agricultural and animal production, effluent waste management and industrial process.

In Human Health, when we consume water that has been passed through the VORTEX, it enhances the hydration state (ability to retain water in our body cells) that ensures detoxification in our bodies cells occur resulting to improved health. It also reduces the negative effects of chlorine in our bodies while still eliminating any harmful microbes in the water.
In Agriculture, once the water molecules are broken into fine molecules, it enhances water uptake by the plant, crop growth and reduction of the irrigation water by up to 30%.
In Animal production, the hydration state (ability to have body cells hydrate) is enhance, resulting to improved health.

Effluent Waste Management: Once the effluent water molecules are broken down, it makes it easier for the microbes to biodegrade the contaminants, thus enhancing the speed of remediation through natural means.
In an industrial process: The VORTEX helps eliminate pitting and lime scale deposits in boilers and pipe, thus making boilers more efficient. It eliminates corrosion of metal pipes thus increasing the life of the pipes and mitigating against costs of maintenance.