Research and development forms the very backbone and life of ECOH HOLDINGS Ltd.

ECoH HOLDINGS Ltd puts great emphasis and resources into research so as to develop, test, custom and use its products so as to address industrial challenges that are diverse and unique. Thus research forms a very core and integral part, without which ECOH HOLDINGS Ltd would not have/been able to come into existence. With each environment being dynamic and unique, ECOH HOLDINGS Ltd works closely with respective consumers to test, validate and customize the products to suit the clients need. This makes the research department to continuously test and produce versatile products that address clients’ needs.

ECOH HOLDINGS Ltd partners with various stakeholders, government research institutions, universities and private firms in order develop versatile products while testing the application and efficacy of its products.


ECOH HOLDINGS Ltd has closely worked with Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI-Narl) since 2006, where the efficacy and effects of YAD BIO-VITALIZER on maize production has been tested with two scientific research documents produced.

ECOH HOLDINGS Ltd has also closely worked with Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI-Tigoni) in the testing of potato production with 3 different scientific research papers being produced.

The analysis of various batches of YAD BIO-VITALIZER produced by ECOH HOLDINGS Ltd are analyzed and double checked at KARI-Narl, where from the developmental stages of the same has been analyzed.

ECOH HOLDINGS Ltd partnered with Nairobi City Council and Weinigen University, Netherlands to research on the composting and converting of urban organic waste and produced a scientific research paper that shows the great possibility of commercialization of recycled urban organic waste. 


The testing of the safety and efficacy of ECOH WT was done in 2008 at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) sewage treatment plant. All the sewage within the institution and effluent from the laboratories is collected and treated within the same system. ECOH WT was applied and tested resulting to increased reduction of the BOD and COD levels. There was no negative impact on the fish populations that were resident on the final treatment pond.

Further testing has been done and applied in various private institutions that handle food processing with positive results in reduction of foul odours and pollution loads in the effluent, thus meeting the required discharge parameters into an aquatic environment.

See impact of using ECOH WT on efluent treatment in a sugar processing plant.

The efluent that was inititially waste is now converted in to a resource to increase crop production; Quality and Quantity!!

As result of ECOH WT having no negative impact on marine life, it is widely used in fish ponds to improve the water quality parameters.

ECOH HOLDINGS Ltd is open to research with any interested party in order to mitigate challenges in various industries in order to provide suitable and sustainable options to safe guard our environment for the sake of posterity.